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All progress takes place outside your comfort zone

I'm excited to take you to the next level of the E-Commerce business! 


1. The freedom you want is within your hands, becoming my student not only gives you the freedom to spend more time with your family and friends but it also gives you the benefit of becoming your own boss, no one will be stealing time from you and bossing you around anymore, you are working for yourself with the business we teach you.

2. You will be able to scale your business to the income you want after learning all the strategies we teach you correctly and don't forget, your results will create more testimonials for other people to join and believe in what we do. So we have created a course with nothing but success that's awaiting you.  

3. You will be able to quit your 9-5 (if you have one) and turn this business model into your very own thing. No playing around here or talking things up, commitment is everything in this game, if you learn what we teach you and implement it, you win.

4. We have been in the E-Commerce field for more than 2 years now, we have invested in ourselves to learn from mentors that know what they are doing and with going through so much trial and error, luckily for you we have created a walking bridge with everything made simple and easy for you, leading you to succeed in the E-Commerce business. 




1. How long does it take to complete this course?

A. Consistency is key, there are 2 types of ways recommended to complete this course: The course can be completed after watching each video and following what we teach you by taking action after each lesson and this can take anywhere between 5-9 weeks depending on the individuals consistency. Another way to finish this course can be after watching all lessons and completing the course, you follow it by taking action on everything that we have taught you and this can take 10-13 weeks depending on the individuals consistency.  

2. When will i start to see results?

A. This course is focused more on branding than dropshipping and the branding results are guaranteed if you follow all the strategies and do what we teach you. Dropshipping results aren't guaranteed because its more about what product you are going to sell, however we do help you with this. Branding is guaranteed to give you results due to barely any competition through the design of your product and your own touches, however your creativity is crucial to making this work. You will start to see results if you have followed everything correctly after completing the course and building your brand the way we show you.

3. What do i need to complete the course?

A. This course can only be accessed through a desktop or a laptop and isn't mobile friendly. You might need a pair of headphones or earphones depending on your laptop/ desktop sound quality to hear everything clearly. A printer is also needed to complete some worksheets however if you don't have one then you can use PDF Escape and fill in the worksheets on that platform, other than that you don't need anything else to view this course and complete it.

4. If im having trouble understanding something or need help with something how can i reach you?

A. We will definitely be always helping our students if they have difficulties  understanding something or just need assistance with something relating to the course in general. Remember that your success is our goal and this creates testimonials for others to join our journey alongside everyone else, so yes your success matters to us! Now please do not DM us (@kobeissy_ecom) on Instagram as our DM'S are always flooded. To reach us simply email us at:, and we should generally reply to you within 3 working days (Monday- Friday). Please include a subject line in your email and also your name and question.


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